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In a vast world of Digital Marketing, App Store Optimization is relatively a new one. Like SEO for Websites, DignitySoft an App Store Optimization Company, are providing ASO services for significant increase in visibility of your APP on App stores.

There are more than 2 millions apps are listed on App stores. Making your way among them require skills. Getting your discovered is the most challenging job for App publishers. ASO have significant impact on your APP. There are currently 2 platforms for ASO:

  • Play Store (Android App store optimization)
  • APP Store (IOS App Store Optimization)

Our ASO Process

Our comprehensive ASO strategy ensures increase in ranking in different search engines.


There are to main areas to breakdown ASO Techniques:

Keyword Optimization: focusing on the relevancy, search volume, and difficulty of keywords used to search for specific apps.

Asset optimization: This is totally dedicated for the marketing of your APP. Through Asset optimization, we focus on screenshots, icons, and video preview of the APP. This optimization help the downloader to get connected with the app by getting idea about the app.

seo process


Understanding your target audience is the most important factor for ASO strategy. DignitySoft ASO team understand the niche audience. We understand that why user is using our app or why user should use our app. Our team put efforts to bring creativity and messaging to highlight our app.

We deeply analyze the app and try to figure out if our creativity is bringing user’s attention. We believe creating a strong, long-term strategy to allow for ongoing performance optimization of your app store.

design process


Team DignitySoft, follow these processes to App optimization:

  • Descriptive title for your APP
  • Keyword research
  • App description
  • Category selection
  • Icon design
  • Encouraging positive review
seo process


Just like Google Analytics for web page marketing, there are a number of powerful app store analytics tools that we use to help your App optimization. You will be able to see where your app stands in relation to the competition, and boost your store ranking accordingly.We analyse hard data about all sorts of measurements related to your app.

We get to know what you’re doing wrong in marketing your app, what you could be doing to improve your app store ranking, and much more.

seo process

Important of ASO

Let us try to convince you for ASO in this way. List of some of benefits of ASO:

Organic Installs: With proper strategy, you can optimize your APP which will increase your APP visibility and hence increase your organic install at lower cost.

Relevant user: You can target specific keywords to reach relevant audiences.

Revenue Generation: If your APP is optimized within the guidelines, you can monetize your App in terms of Ads, subscriptions and in-app purchase.

Stability: With timely ASO practice you can maintain your App ranking and its visibility. This will definitely increase your organic downloads. You will not be needing to run paid campaigns for marketing as you can monetize your App and bring stable future to it.

Case Studies


Orbital Installs

Orbital Installation Technologies is a trusted installation service provider to many of the leading telematics, mobile resource management systems, and mobile data technology suppliers in North America. Fully insured and experts in their field, they launch and manage small- or large-scale installation projects.



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