Our Business Models

DignitySoft undertakes a digital marketing or web development project after thoroughly understanding the size and sort. Different projects have different complexity levels which need to be properly ascertained before quoting price and time duration. To cater to various project requirements and specifications, we have four business engagement models to offer. Our clients can select any f these models as per their choice. Take a look

Fixed Bid Model

This model is best-suited for projects requirements of which are absolutely clear. If clients have adequate details that are required for the execution and completion of projects, they can select the fixed bid model. When we know what exactly we have to do, we can quote estimated costs quite easily.

Model Based on Time and Material

This time and material based business model is appropriate for long-term projects. It’s difficult to ascertain the needed resources for such projects before it’s completed or running for a long time. Under this model, clients have to pay in parts as per the time and material invested in the project.

Offshore Development Center Model

For businesses that want to get excellent results from their projects without having to set up a team for the same, offshore development center model is the best. It saves the client company from the additional expenses for infrastructure, recruitment & training, and technological tools. This model can make our clients save up to 40% on the overall costs.

Dedicated Resource

If a client company wants absolute control over their digital marketing or web development project, we suggest them this business engagement model. This model allows them to monitor their project conveniently throughout the execution process.