Understand Reputation Management

DignitySoft Online Reputation Management Agency make you understand the role of online reputation management in today’s business and media landscape. Companies of every size can benefit from having a clear outline of its main concepts.

There are many misconceptions about Online Reputation Management. Some people think it’s just social media monitoring, while others believe it has something to do with public relations, and still others literally have no idea how it can impact business and sales.

What are people saying about you? Good online reputation management is not only about reacting well to what people say about you, your brand, or your products and services, but also about whether to react at all and, if so, when. Sometimes a reaction is not necessary, and sometimes a late reaction can cost you millions.

Our ORM Process

Our comprehensive ORM strategy ensures increase in ranking in different search engines.


At DignitySoft we provide you with proper guidance to maintain your reputation. Our consultants are in true sense world's excellent consultants they know the importance of your positivereputation.We take control of your profiles and will monitor your public reputation a regular basis,. We suppress the negative comments and highlight positive feedback to acquire more customers.

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Research: In this phase, we first gather information to calculate over current reputation. We collect information regarding Negative feedback, Positive Feedback, Competitors and the influencers.

Understanding: In this phase, we assimilate the information we gather in our research. In this phase, we try to figure out the factors responsible for current brand reputation. What information should posted on social media to produce positive reputation.

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We implement all the necessary actions and monitors it to get the best outcome. However, we make our clients understand that there will be no clean slate. The damage that has been done to the reputation cannot be undone. All we can do is to improve the performance and avoid negative impact as much as possible.

We keep posting positive posts on social media with our techniques. We also take part in those forums where our reputation was hampered. All we want to remove the negativity for our brand from all our the internet.

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We believe in maintaining transparency with our clients. We provide you report of our every steps and possible outcome. Reporting plays important role for both client and the Online Reputation Manager to understand the possibilities to overcome the damage.

Through our reports we get the glimpse of the platforms which needed more attention. Therefore, it’s always easier to start working in this manner.

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Online Reputation Management Services

Brand Reputation Management Services

Brand reputation services from DignitySoft, knows how to boost your Brand Reputation Online. We will help you to restore the Brand Image as customers are very conscious regarding brand image.

Restaurant Reputation Management Services

One unhappy customer can destroy your Restaurant Reputation with just one negative review online. DignitySoft manage your Restaurant Reviews, ratings and suppress negative feedback to boost your restaurant reputation.

Hotel Reputation Management Services

We are the leading Dot Net development company, with our .Net development experts we always comes with a better and favorable result for our clients which is enthusiastic for their business.

Hospital Reputation Management Services

In this era, we choose our doctors or hospitals based on the online reviews. One negative feedback can affect your patient lists. DignitySoft help you to remove negative reviews fake comment on social platforms.

For Celebrities Reputation Management ServicesL

Being a celebrity is a tough job and maintain your reputation at the same time require skills. Team DignitySoft, manage your profiles, and create a positive profile among fans and media.

Step-by-Step guide on how to overcome negative online reputation?


Case Studies


Orbital Installs

Orbital Installation Technologies offers mobile installation, deployment and maintenance services for a broad collection of mobile technologies across commercial and service vehicle, bus, trailer fleets, heavy equipment from a highly skilled field service technician.



Our client deal in legal and financial advisory with their dedicated team to provide corporate advisory and solutions to take smashing verdicts about legal and financial issues. They want us to create and deploy interactive web platform showcasing the best of its services.